Since established in 1991, our company has been manufacturing medical equipment and providing customer technical support.

Our work relies on a group of highly qualified experts and medical testing equipment (Fluke and Metron), which is not only applied to test our own products but also to give technical support to medical equipment manufactured by other national or international companies.

The first product developed and manufactured by Cardiotécnica SRL was the Electrocardiograph RG101. In 1993, with the advance of technology, we designed and launched a new and more modern version of electrocardiograph –the RG201- provided with digital technology.

In 1996, the RG201was replaced by the RG301, similar in design but with the addition of microprocessing technology and electrical insulation, type CF. Soon after the launching of the RG301, we broke into the market with our new developments: the MA301 Cardiac Monitor, the OXI301 Pulse Oximeter, the DES301 Defibrillator and the CM301 and CM301MB Cardioverters.

In 2004, we started to develop a whole new line of products, our “Line 400”, which consisted of the RG401 Electrocardiograph, the OXI401 and OXI411 Oximeters and the MA401, MA411 and MA412 Cardiac Monitors, all of them provided with microprocessing technology.
All our products are manufactured in fully compliance with the strictest electric safety standards regulations (IEC60601 [IRAM 4220]) and are registered with A.N.M.A.T.

Cardiotécnica SRL also develops and produces a wide variety of accessories, such as electrode holder clips, precordial electrodes, lead selector switches for ergometric tests, monitor and electrocardiograph patient cables and compatible oxymetry sensors.

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